Backyard stunts are as old as backyards themselves. But this latest trick by British stuntman Damien Walters takes your typical trampoline tricks to extreme new heights.

In a video Walters posted to his Instagram page, the stuntman set up a tall platform in a backyard and jumps stories below him onto a "Bagjump," an inflatable product used for extreme sports and other tomfoolery.

Walters doesn't say how high up the platform is, but you can see from how small the house's roof looks that it's tall enough to kill you.

Back yard @bagjump

A video posted by @damienwalters on

The Bagjump product is made by a company that has its hands in a wide range of extreme sports products and experiences, so you can probably trust that it's been tested and used by professionals. According to the Bagjump website, these products are actually available for rental or for sale, although prices aren't given.

So if you want to recreate this stunt on your own, you have to be stupid and rich.

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