Brooks Marlow, Jessica Mendoza

Jessica Mendoza has now been part of ESPN's No. 1 broadcast crew for over a year. But for some, the idea of a female calling MLB postseason games is unacceptable. Enter Astros minor leaguer Brooks Marlow.

Marlow did not hang around to defend his hot take. After this tweet began circulating, Marlow deleted the post and made his account private.

Of course, the damage was already done for the 23-year-old infielder, who hit .261 in 92 at-bats for Quad Cities (A) and .205 in 258 at-bats for Lancaster (A+) in 2016. The Texas Longhorns alum, who was selected in the 29th round of the 2015 MLB Draft, made an impression on the organization Wednesday. Although, it was not done the way either side wanted it to happen.

Marlow and the Astros both issued apology tweets.

It is not worth belaboring the point here, but it needs to be noted this is unacceptable in 2016. Mendoza, a former U.S. women's national softball team star, has been analyzing baseball for a few seasons now and must be judged as an equal to her male counterparts. If individuals like Marlow think she is a poor broadcaster, they are entitled to their opinion. But specifically calling out her gender is immature, lazy and narrow-minded.

Okay, time to move on from this. To the rest of the sports world, learn from this incident and don't be sexist. And don't just hold back sexism on Twitter. Don't think it.

The Twitter world rallied around Mendoza Wednesday night into Thursday morning:



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