Brown Snake Attack

Dogs are man's best friend, and maybe man's best security detail, too. In a new video posted to YouTube, an Australia man's dog saves him from a dangerous encounter with an Eastern brown snake -- the most lethal snake on the continent.

Video from the man's patio shows the dog trying to herd the snake out of the area. When the snake gets too close to her owner for comfort, the dog runs over, driving off the snake and alerting the man, who reacts with all the fear you would expect him to.

In the video's description, the man writes: "Had a really close encounter with a brown snake today. After watching the footage on the security cam it looks like our dog stopped it going inside and if it wasn't for her I would have probably kept looking at my phone. I think we were both a bit lucky today."

According to Australian Reptile Park, the brown snake is the most deadly snake in Australia, and is known for its nasty temper and surprising speed. The dog may well have gotten lucky by the snake's decision to slither away instead of stay and fight.

Just another example of the virtues of dogs. Show us a cat that would do the same.

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