Jeremy Roenick

Golf courses down south don't spend their time worrying about what golfers might do to their alligators. In the future, though, those properties would be wise to set some parameters for Jeremy Roenick.

Yes, the former NHL still has some screws loose, and he'd be delighted to share his latest stunt with you. In a video posted to Twitter, Roenick does what most people would consider suicidal: He lunges onto the ground at a gator camped along a water hazard.

The gator is quick to jump into the water, and Roenick stands up both unharmed and filled with pride.

"Who's awesome?" he asks the camera.

Roenick was clearly doing the lunge as a stunt -- before he actually takes the dive, he makes sure the person behind the smartphone camera has him in the frame.

But that showmanship is all but irrelevant alongside the stunt itself. Jeremy Roenick lunged head-first at a live alligator. And he couldn't be more excited about it.

Even considering the stupidity of it all, that's such a bold feat it deserves celebrating.

Just one caveat: Do not attempt this on your own, ever, no matter what. A normal person would almost surely be killed. This proves that Jeremy Roenick is immortal.

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