Bevo XIV

Bevo XIV has been forced into sudden retirement, the University of Texas has announced. The longhorn has been diagnosed with bovine leukemia and had missed last weekend's Red River Rivalry due to the injury.

Bevo XIV had been the Texas mascot since 2004.

"An extensive evaluation of BEVO XIV's comfort and quality of life opportunities was conducted and ultimately resulted in the decision to retire him from his role," said the University of Texas in a statement. "Moving forward, he will rest comfortably on the ranch and in the company of John T. and Betty Baker, the owners and caretakers of both BEVO XIV and his predecessor BEVO XIII."

Bevo XIV was around for Texas' back-to-back Rose Bowl victories in 2005 and 2006, including its BCS national championship in the second Rose Bowl appearance.

He was also on-hand for President George W. Bush's second inauguration.

Bevo XIV will now return to the ranch where he was born, just as his predecessor Bevo XIII had done. Bevo XIII spent 16 years on the Longhorn sidelines before spending his last days on the ranch, where he and Bevo XIV had spent time together before the latter was called on to be the next mascot.

It's a strange tradition, but Longhorns fans love their Bevo. The Longhorn Network even ran a five-hour special showing Bevo spending a relaxing afternoon on the ranch over Christmas Day in 2014.

Bevo XIV rides off into the sunset following Texas' surprising win over then-No. 10 Oklahoma. The university is now on the hunt for Bevo XV.

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