Manitou Springs Deer

Have you ever been on a football field during a game in Manitou Springs, Colorado? Probably not.

A deer has. This past Friday, during a game between Manitou Springs and Florence, a deer came trotting onto the field in the middle of the game. MaxPreps caught the moment on video.

The crowd goes into a frenzy and the deer just stares for a while. Some deer are caught in the headlights. This deer was caught in Friday Night Lights.

Eventually, the deer retreats toward the forest, but hangs out to try to catch a few plays. Adults end up chasing him away and he never gets to scout the Florence offense.

This past summer, a Pop Warner game faced a similar incident of a deer barging onto the field. However, that deer had no interest in learning fundamentals and just raced across the turf with a partner.

According to USA Today, deer are so common in Manitou Springs, this particular incident did not even warrant a clip in the local news highlight package.

It is almost like Manitou Springs did not want to give the deer air time the same way TV broadcasts of sporting events steer cameras away from on-field intruders.

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