Nothing like a little winning to inspire some positivity. After 52 years of wallowing in its own mediocrity and despair, the pro sports climate in Cleveland has warmed up considerably.

The championship trophy brought home by the NBA's Cavaliers are prompting the city to shed its reputation as a perennial loser. That doesn't just apply to basketball: Despite its legendary status, the famous Cleveland Browns QB jersey is getting retired.

You've probably heard of the jersey before: It bears the name of every Browns QB to start for the franchise since it returned to Cleveland in 1999. That's 24 names, listed in descending tape on the back of the jersey, representing the utter disappointment that position -- and the team in general -- has brought to the city over the past 17 years.

But now isn't the time to dwell on the past. Instead, the Browns jersey will feature a single name on its back: "Cleveland," a gesture meant to inspire unity.

Bye bye bad juju. It's a new day in Cleveland. #RIPTheJersey

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This move, while uplifting, may overlook a more grim reality awaiting in the fall: LeBron James will not be lining up under center for the Browns. The ashes of Johnny Manziel may have been cleared away, but if Cleveland fans think Robert Griffin III will wipe the slate clean, they should be prepared to quickly reacquaint themselves with the pain they've worn for decades.

Cleveland may be different, but the Browns are still the Browns.

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