Ryusei Imai Impersonates Bruce Lee

It's been more than a year since we published this post on then-5-year-old Ryusei Imai, who nailed Bruce Lee's action moves from the 1978 movie "Game of Death."

But if anyone thought that Imai has fallen off since then, his father, Ryuji, put those claims to bed.

With this two-minute clip posted to his YouTube account on June 1, the elder Imai put social media on blast, making sure that the world knows that his son's moves are as on point as ever. Although the video's description says that it was primarily filmed in 2015, one lesson is clear from the clip – Ryusei has still got it.

Simply put, mimicry doesn't get much better at any age, let alone coming from a child who was still 5 during the majority of the filming.

And as a result, the younger Imai already has quite a bit of celebrity status in his native Japan. His Facebook page, now with more than 196,000 likes, is just one sign promoting the rise of the nation's latest martial arts star.

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