Arturo Torres

Only 96 days until NBA season starts. To get your basketball fix, follow these incredibly talented artists, and it'll make October come even faster.


Jack Perkins is a beast of an illustrator. He's had tons of images go viral and is always switching it up.


Ryan Simpson's images are just beautiful. He's created such a distinct style, which gives his illustrations such an incredible (and unexplainable) feel to them. He's also a big Rasheed Wallace fan, which makes for great Instagram posts.


Arturo Torres' vintage-looking images transcend the subject. His work with Shea Serrano in "Basketball (And Other Things)" is godly.


Walchalk is great at characterizing players with his classic colorful portraits.


Sparis kills it. His work for this last NBA Playoffs was perfection.


Edser's animation is always fun. He should really have his own NBA cartoon show.


Kyrie has Skybox worthy handles. #nbaart #nba #nbaplayoffs #cavs #kyrieirving

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Hollister's recreations of basketball cards are superb.


Ballinger's "cartoony" drawings are classic. Simple math: The more obscure player he draws the better it gets.


Happy Draft Lottery Day

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The Greg Ostertag-obsessed artist puts up stickers of the player all over New York.


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The Portland native makes these unreal paper-cutouts. The precision is real, people.


Gerard's designs of players are uncanny.


Bonafideicon's rose window mosaics are beyond creative. If there's ever a basketball church, this dude is making the windows.

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